Do you love all things maps? If you have answered in the affirmative, then chances are you would fall head over heels with what map enthusiast Eric Fischer has managed to conjure. Basically, he has come up with a way to visualize Twitter and Flickr use throughout the world, giving you a better idea on just how popular some social networking tools have become in certain parts of the world. Basically, Fischer relies on red dots to show off geo-tagged Flickr pics, whereas blue dots will represent tweets. If both are involved, then white is the color of choice.

Gotta love the world map that shows New York is the Twitter capital of the world, where Lower Manhattan is more or less a virtual sea of white, where part of the Hudson and the water down by Battery Park are red mostly – making it a snap to deduce that they are tourists who can’t get enough use of their digital cameras.

It took just 3 minutes for the image to come about, although setting up the file data is a whole lot more tedious at 40 minutes. Someone should keep track of how this “landscape” changes over the years…and Fischer had best come up with a new color for Google+ and Facebook use.

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