AntisecAnonymous has announced that it has managed to hack over 70 US law enforcement websites and steal 10GB of data. It promised a leak and the first one was released yesterday – over 7,000 law enforcement officials’ private information including their social security numbers, email accounts, passwords, phone numbers and home addresses. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on where one stands) the link is down at this time so we’ve been unable to verify the post, but judging by a screenshot taken, it looks legitimate.

This is allegedly a sample of the leaked information. We have blurred out the information out of respect for the privacy of the victims

And these enforcement officer details are only just the beginning. Apparently they also stole emails, a list of snitches that made “anonymous” crime tips to the police, and hundreds of internal police academy training files. Anonymous hasn’t said when it plans to release those flies, but the hacker collective has demanded that prosecutors immediately drop all charges and investigations against all “Anonymous” defendants. Talk about a tall order. I wonder how the authorities will be reacting to this.

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