Fruit Ninja Kinect

Fans of Half-brick studio’s addictive fruit-slashing game, Fruit Ninja, will be glad to know that the game is finally available for download on their Xbox 360 consoles. Starting this week, Kinect owners will be able to use hand motions to chop up pineapples, oranges (and hopefully not bombs) without making a mess in their living rooms.

Anyone familiar with the game will feel right at home from the get go, but they’ll have to get used to moving their whole arm instead of just performing finger swipe gestures in this version of the game.

Fruit Ninja is available now and can be purchased for 800 Xbox Live Arcade Microsoft points, which is equivalent to $10. A whole lot more expensive than the $0.99 iPhone users pay, but hey – they don’t get to look as cool while playing the game, not to mention, this is one of the few Kinect games getting rave reviews all around. Are simple, arcade-style games the future of the motion controller? Give it a whirl and let us know what you think.

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