Are vending machines making a silent comeback of sorts to society? First of all we have this vending machine in Japan that accepts donations from the general public in order to help out the March earthquake and tsunami victims via the Red Cross’ efforts, and next we have a baguette vending machine that might just make a certain Jean-Louise Hecht very rich if it takes off. Up next, Marchon3D thinks that the world is ready for a vending machine that dispenses not just 3D glasses, but designer ones.

Unveiled at theaters in San Diego and Huntington Beach this week, Marchon3D will be introducing the vending machine that dispenses designer 3D glasses at UltraStar Cinemas and Cinemark theaters. You will need to have a credit card before using this, of course, as you swipe your credit card to purchase designer 3D eyewear of your choice. Prices start from $22 and goes all the way to $70 for limited edition models. Whatever you purchase is compatible with RealD 3D equipped movie theaters, where it can add further value to your life via passive laptops, video game consoles with 3D games, and 3D HDTVs.

Do you think it is worth the effort, so that you need not “share” 3D glasses with the general public, and at least you know that you don’t have a case of the cooties when you wear your very own pair?

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