If you happen to have great love for bonsai plants, then you might be interested in the Electree. This particular device is not an organic, living thing, but rather, it will eschew leaves in favor of 27 solar panels. These solar panels are extremely flexible, since they can be rotated and rearranged accordingly to personalize its look or optimize solar collection.

All sunlight that is collected will be stored as electricity in the base, where the 13.5Ah battery located there will connect to a USB connector so that it can juice up any device that is compatible with it (in this day and age, it is most probably anything and everything).

The Electree will fully juice up after spending around 36 hours basking in the sun – now since we don’t get sun all day round, that would average out to two plus days of sunlight (three if you want to be on the safe side) for a full charge. It will still require a fair number of people to commit to the Electree before it can be mass produced, with the current number being less than 25% of the intended 400 minimum figure to see this enter production lines.

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