Pioneer Music Tap
Fans of Apple and Pioneer are going to be pleased at Pioneer’s new networked music players called the Music Tap.  Relying completely on digital media, these two stereo systems don’t even have drives for you to insert traditional CDs! Instead you get a dock for your iPod/iPhone, a USB ports for external drives, and an auxiliary port for regular MP3 players/smartphones.

The music system features WiFi connectivity and an Ethernet port for WiFi-less areas, an FM Tuner, and a 2.5″ Full-Color LCD Display. The Music Tap will have AirPlay support for those times when you’re too lazy to plug your iOS device into the player, or when you want to continue using the device while streaming music at the same time. The Music Tap also has support for internet radio if that’s your primary source of music.

The Music Tap can also be linked up with other Music Tap devices wirelessly so you can have the same music playing throughout the whole house if you have enough of these machines around. The Music Tap will be available in two variants – the regular version and the Elite version which has built-in Bluetooth and an extra 2-year warranty. The regular version will cost $399 while the Elite will cost $479. Both models will be available to consumers in October 2011.

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