Are you a fan of Nerf guns? Are you also a fan of all things steampunk? If you answered yes to both, then it looks like you’re in for a treat. Even if you answered no, we’re thinking that this steampunk inspired Nerf gun should be pretty interesting nonetheless.

For those unfamiliar with Nerf guns, they seem to be the rage these days, especially in offices where colleagues battle each other by shooting foam darts at one another. It’s interesting because for those who are really into Nerf guns, they can be modified by adding a motor, therefore causing the darts to shoot out of the gun at a faster rate, sometimes without the need to manually cock the gun.

Etsy user faustus70 has created one such Nerf gun out of hand cut planks. It was inspired by the Nerf Barricade and is powered by 3x 1.5 AA batteries. It even comes with a scope that has been set at 3x magnification and holds up to 10 whistler Nerf darts. Unfortunately this one of a kind Nerf gun comes with a price tag of $300, but if you’re a huge Nerf enthusiast or just want to check out more photos, head on down to faustus70’s Etsy page.

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