Fans of the Angry Birds game, if you just can’t get enough of the game, Rovio will be stepping things up this Halloween with the addition of a new bird, whose image can be seen partially on the Angry Birds Facebook page. It is unknown what this new bird’s ability is just yet, but it is expected to make an appearance in the game’s Halloween edition, which will be launched in celebration of the holiday.

Not satisfied with just creating games, Rovio is also looking at producing a movie and a cookbook as well. Rovio has hired former chairman of Marvel to head their movie business, and it is reported that the movie could be seeing a release in 2014. A cookbook is also in the works as we have mentioned earlier, with a “daily egg” recipe to be unveiled everyday. While we can’t be sure how we feel about an Angry Birds movie, are any of you fans out there excited by the potential or do you think Rovio is getting a little too ahead of itself?

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