Have you ever gone to the grocery store and wondered about the meat you’re buying? Some might not be fussed about where their meat comes from and how the animals were treated before slaughter, but there are some who do care. There are probably real finicky shoppers out there who care about what sort of environment the cows were raised in, the food they were fed and etc. Thanks to Heinen’s Fine Foods, a new program called WhereFoodComesFrom has been launched.

It is a simple idea but an extremely informative one at that. Through the use of QR codes found on the company’s beef and pork products, customers will be able to use their smartphone to scan the QR code and get more information about the meat they are about to purchase.

WhereFoodComesFrom and IMI Global rely on a proven system of third party verification to ensure that a food supplier’s claims are accurate. In addition to its core source and age verification services, IMI Global offers verification programs for humane handling, grass fed, natural, sustainable ranching practices and other food marketing claims. The Company has more than 6,000 customers nationwide, including ranchers, feed yards and packer-processors.”

It’s a pretty interesting idea, but we have to wonder exactly how many people would bother to stop and scan QR codes to get history on the meat they’re about to buy. Would you?

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