Apple has patented many inventions and innovations in the past, some practical and some bordering on something you would expect from a sci-fi novel, but a recent publishing of Apple’s patents for their MacBook series of laptops might suggest that these could actually come into fruition in the near future.

Two patents pertaining to the MacBook have been published, with one that refers to a new battery configuration, and the other that refers to the SSD configuration on the MacBook Air. With the battery configuration, it looks as though Apple may have shifted things around a bit as it looks different from the iFixit tear downs of both the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. This time instead of four battery components, the new configuration suggests six battery components.

Essentially what this translates to could be a MacBook with a longer battery life and longer up time, although with the lack of detailed description, this is pretty much just an educated guess. Unlike the battery configuration, the SSD configuration for the MacBook Air does not appear to say much, and it’s hard to guess what this new configuration could potentially mean for the next MacBook Air refresh. Either way, the idea of a longer lasting MacBook is definitely a welcome one.

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