Windows 7 browserGreat news for fans and developers of Internet Explorer – Microsoft has just announced that 65% of Windows 7 users are now using modern browsers to surf the web – this means that they are surfing the web on browsers like Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome 14+15 and Firefox 7. With everybody using an up to date browser, developers can focus on creating content that uses the latest technology instead of holding back to cater to web users with older browsers.

Out of the 65% of Windows 7 users in the US, 34.9% of them use Internet Explorer 9, while Chrome 14+15 make up 14.3% and Firefox 11.8%. Though Microsoft is a clear winner in this situation, the numbers are a little different when you factor in the whole world instead of looking at figures for just the US – all 3 aforementioned browsers are neck to neck within the 20-25% range. But things are looking good for IE, with its trend showing a strong and steady growth. Firefox is dropping slowly, while Chrome is growing steadily but not as quickly as IE9.

What’s your favorite browser on Windows 7, and why?

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