There were whispers of Apple’s upcoming iPad 3 coming with a Retina Display, but along the way, those rumors got debunked simply because some quarters claimed that it would be too expensive to manufacture even across a large scale, and the hike in price would definitely make people shun away from the iPad 3. Well, I guess just like Adidas, Apple’s fellow partners in hardware manufacturing decided that “impossible is nothing”, with proof that an iPad 3 with a 2048 × 1536 display is well on its way, currently undergoing testing.Not only will a Retina Display arrive on the iPad, it seems that the next generation of the iPad will also be slimmer than the current iPad 2, making us really stoked up and excited to see how slim it will be in real life. There are also other reports swirling around that the iPad 3 will be codenamed “J2”, where it has already started to appear in a recent version of iOS 5. Do you think Apple should fragment the iPad line by offering it in Retina Display and standard display editions? After all, not everyone is going to see Retina Display as a unique selling point.

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