Fans of all things steampunk might want to add this steampunk hard drive enclosure by Will Rockwell to their collection. As we said, this is an enclosure for a computer’s hard drive and according to Will Rockwell, you should be able to fit just about any hard drive into it, including a Lacie Big Drive.

Not just content with looking good, the enclosure does come with features of its own. When the switch is flipped, the service light goes on, the cog starts moving and smoke even starts pouring out of the chimney to show that there is activity going on. If you’re looking for a little more juice, pulling the little “surge” lever will apparently inject about 50GB of RAM into your system, or so Will Rockwell claims (we think he was kidding and it’s probably just for show).

Even if he wasn’t serious, this steampunk hard drive enclosure is a thing of beauty. Made from real wood with a walnut veneer and brass edging, it does appear to be rather solid. If you’d love to see this hard drive enclosure sitting on your desk churning out puffs of smoke, prepare to fork out $1,200 (shipping not inclusive) for it. You can check out more photos from Will Rockwell’s etsy page or check out the video below to see it in action.

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