Do you remember the Steve Jobs action figure that stood tall at 12″, dressed up in his signature turtleneck sweater and pair of blue jeans? Since this is not an officially sanctioned action figure (Apple would probably have called it the iSteve if it were to be released), obviously Apple’s legal eagles did threaten the company behind this action figure, and the matter has finally been put to rest – where such an action figure would no longer be on sale. The company has scrapped plans even to honor pre-orders of the Steve Jobs action figure due to the “immense pressure” from both Jobs’ family as well as Apple’s legal department.

Icons, the company behind this action figure, thought that this gesture of theirs was a way of paying homage to the late Steve Jobs, but did not think that their action infringed on any copyright or trademark rights. I guess they now think otherwise. Icons also apologized to those who have already placed a pre-order, and refunds will be issued in due time.

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