I just heard on Internet radio earlier today that one out of every four couples do argue from time to time simply because one partner in the relationship rely on the snooze function of the alarm. Research has shown that snoozing is not good for your short term memory in the long run, as it makes you irritable and tend to forget things. Why not change your waking up habits by sleeping and choosing the right moment to wake up? Perhaps with the Blender Alarm Clock, things might change for the better. After all, it is more or less guaranteed to create a racket that is enough to wake up even the dead. You would not be using this to make your favorite alcoholic cocktails anytime soon though, as it is more suitable to be on your bedside table, coaxing you to get up and out of the bed regardless of whether you have had enough sleep or not. Just which alarm clock do you think is the most effective in getting you out of bed to face the new day ahead?

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