Songify micReady for yet another iOS app turned into a toy? Previously we had the I Am T-Pain Mic which was based on the I Am T-Pain app, and now we’ve got another “musical” iOS app that made that jump – Songify. In case you’re unsure of what Songify does, it’s basically an app that automatically turns whatever you say into a “songified”, auto-tuned track. Great for laughs, and is capable of producing some pretty impressive tunes.

Well, at the Toy Fair 2012, the folks behind the Songify app have come up with a Songify toy. Instead of talking into an iPhone to Songify yourself, you can talk into the yo-yo shaped gadget instead. No word on when it’ll go on sale, but when it does it’ll cost about $20. Check out a video demonstration of the Songify app below:

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