Nerf guns might have gotten the steampunk treatment in the past, as with guitars, and it seems that this trend is set to continue with the Steampunk Gun Victorian Airsoft Spring BB Pirate Air Captain Sidearm. I know, it can be quite a mouthful, but for $19.99 sans shipping, this one-of-a-kind firearm is the handiwork of a certain tongue-twisting MGySgt Ivan Tromovski. It seems that Ivan, being a time travel officer with the UWMC (United World Marine Corp.), has dropped by in our timeline from 2067 to deliver this unique weapon that will protect you from angry girlfriends, annoying brothers and even the ever hostile pet cat at home.

Lovingly hand painted, this is a fully functional Spring Airsoft BB Gun, complete with “light and laser”, although I am not quite sure whether it will be as effective in low light conditions or not. All you need to do is load the BBs in the clip, pull back the slide and start firing away! Each purchase will come with a pack of 6mm BBs to get you started right away. It does not look as refined or cultured as other offerings, as a simple coat of paint makes it look all steampunk – but at least it packs more punch than Nerf ammunition!

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