I am not quite sure what to make of things, but we do know that Japan is the country which is crazy about vending machines, so much so that we have seen one of them dispense fresh eggs around the clock. Meanwhile, other parts of the world also have vending machines with their fair share of zany “produce” within, so to speak, with one of them popping out cupcakes, while another offers a smell-worthy fresh fish if you decide to drop in enough dough. Here is a banana vending machine that ought to be able to solve your potassium craving regardless of the time of day. I would say whatever company that runs a chain of these machines would definitely need to have the necessary manpower to check on the bananas inside daily, as we do know that they ripe rather quickly after being harvested, and it would be a put off to have a rotting banana residing inside the machine amongst the other fresh looking ones.

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