We have seen our fair share of strange vending machines in the past, and you can add what you read about here to the growing list. For most of us, if we want fresh fish, we would wake up really early (before the cock crows) and make our way to the local wet market, hoping to beat the rest of the crowd in picking out the freshest catch of the day. The next best choice would be at the supermarket or hypermart, but have you ever heard of purchasing fresh fish from a vending machine? That is exactly what Ruben and Marga Rios, a pair of fishmongers in Spain, have done – installing a vending machine right outside their shop which will be able to dispense fresh fish throughout the year, regardless of the time of the day.

This unique vending machine will be able to roll out sardines, anchovies, salmon slices, prawns and other kinds of seafood, while stocks last, of course. The daily catch will be cleaned, prepared and packaged in individual trays, so that they are transported over to the machine after that. It is said that the pricing structure remains the same as fish and other seafood sold inside the shop. Right now, the owners are looking into stocking fresh bait for fisherman instead. I wonder who has the unenviable task of cleaning the vending machine’s insides from time to time to maintain hygiene levels. [Translated Page]

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