After much anticipation on DICE’s new Battlefield 3 update for PlayStation 3, the opinions have not come up on the right side as the game itself post-update has not shown its potential. According to our friends over at ProductReviews, they are facing a number of problems with the updated game which include numerous system crashes some of which have even required the console to be hard-reset.


In DICE’s defence, the update did help people to quit the game but this not the first time system crashes have been discussed after the ‘Back to Karkland’ expansion pack was released which caused the console to crash repeatedly. With the latest update, the frustration boiled over again as Alan Ng faced problems when re-downloading ‘Back to Karkland’ again after DICE had released a statement saying that it had fixed the QBU-88 and MG36 weapon glitches leaving only the Gulf of Oman left in the server filter with no other ‘Back to Karkland’ maps such as ‘Strike at Karkland’ and ‘Wake Island’ gone.

Speaking of glitches, a tweet from Daniel Matros, the Community Manager stated, “@Swaz_SXI The PS3 patch will be deployed globally today (27 March) but the update is still unavailable in Asia which means that players have to use servers from other regions to get their ‘battle’ on. There seems to be a case of miscommunication going on here because while Daniel Matros’ tweet indicates that the update will in fact be global, a post from the official BF blog reveals that everyone will get the update except Japan which will receive it on 4 April. Do you have similar problems with the patch? If you do, why not share your thoughts about it with us in the comments below.

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