While patents are said to be the newest form of corporate ammunition between companies, what you are about to read might just take things a little bit too far. It seems that RIM and Samsung’s decision to throw in a quick-access key that allows you to access emoticons on your smartphone in a jiffy, patent trolls are rather upset about this situation, and have decided to go to the court of law. Paid Content claims that Varia Holdings are peeved about the development, touting that BlackBerry handsets as well as the Galaxy Nexus from Samsung infringe on their patent which “results in the display of a list of emoticons for selection by the user.” What do you think of this particular lawsuit? Hopefully it gets thrown out of court, as no one in their right mind ought to own a patent to emoticons. Hopefully the folks at Varia Holdings do not use a BlackBerry smartphone or own a Galaxy Nexus, and neither should their immediate family members if they are adamant on going the whole nine yards with this.

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