For those who play Portal, you guys might have recognized the gun up there, which was designed by batman-n-bananas. Also, just like the steampunk Nerf rifle that we reported on about a week ago, this particular D.I.Y steampunk Portal gun appears to have been put together using a variety of random objects, some of which you would never have guessed.

According to its description, some of the items used to piece this steampunk Portal gun together includes an antique alarm clock, hangers, plumbing parts, a plant pot, various lids, a plastic tub, a pocket laser disc, lightbulbs, “metal covering from an old hairbrush” and it is all pieced together with lots of glue.

Granted it sounds like a lot of random parts were just thrown together for a “let’s see what sticks” feel, we have to admit that it turned out pretty well! If you’d like to check out the rest of his work, head on over to his deviantART page for some high-res photos.

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