So you are wheelchair bound – does this mean you are unable to get around in the snow? Not really, thanks to the ingenious invention known as the Wheelblades, being small and yet high-quality skis which can be mounted to the front wheels of your wheelchair with but a single click. It will also work equally well on baby buggies if you so desire, increasing the amount of mobility one can achieve in snow and ice. Movement on snow with the Wheelblades attached will be similar to that as being on asphalt, and even better is this – there is no need for a counterbalance on the large driving wheel, enabling an auxiliary person to push you in your wheelchair with ease as well.

To make sure that the ski will always navigate in the direction that you want to, the binding has seen a shift in places to the front portion of the ski, where a couple of grooves on the underside of the Wheelblades will also deliver additional stability whenever you decide to spend some time out there in the snow. It takes just seconds to attach, and you can expect the Wheelblades to be available from October this year onwards.

It does remind you somewhat of the Track N Go, doesn’t it?

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