The Nissan Easy Fill Tire Alert system could just make life a whole lot more convenient as a vehicle owner, where this particular intuitive feature is capable of handling just about all you can imagine concerning tire pressure – although the act of putting air inside is something else. The US Department of Transportation recommends for you to check your tire pressure, including that of your spare tire, at least once a month. The Nissan Easy Fill Tire Alert system is a no-brainer, where it intends to take sensor-based pressure monitoring to a totally level of convenience. Capable of monitoring your tire pressure across all tires, it will show just which tire is problematic, as well as its exact pressure, so that you need not second guess.

Not only that, it also functions as a digital gauge when filling up your tires with air, where the car’s lights will actually flash in order to inform you that air is being entered into the relevant tire, and honk whenever the optimal pressure is reached. Should you actually be day dreaming and miss the visual and aural cue, the car will begin to flash all the more quickly and honk a trio of times so that you can do the necessary – that is, removing some air. [Press Release]

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