Apple logoYes, we do know that Apple has plans for an Apple iTV as confirmed by Foxconn’s top brass just a couple of days ago, and that bit of news certainly lends its fair share of credence to those who are inclined to believe that Cupertino is about to flex their financial muscles yet again, ready to purchase Loewe AG, a manufacturer and distributor of televisions, audio components and integrated entertainment systems. This rumor claims that a final decision is tipped to be made before the end of the coming week arrives. A source informed AppleInsider that Loewe “has been advised by its financial advisor to accept the offer and a final decision is scheduled to be announced internally before 18 May 2012.”


Whispers are going around Apple will put on the table an offer which Loewe AG might not be able to refuse, weighing the scales at 87.3 million Euros (that translates to approximately $112 million), which is slightly more than the previous closing share price of 4.519 Euros, and that equals to 58.79 million Euros in its market capitalization. Loewe’s has a couple of primary shareholders such as Sharp (28.83%) and LaCie (11.17%), making us wonder whether Sharp and LaCie are willing to dispose of their assets with this offer from Apple. Do you think Apple will be able to snap up Loewe AG and get cracking on their iTV soon?

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