Google logoWhen Apple took the wraps off iOS 6 at WWDC last week, one of the announcements they made was that they would be improving Siri’s capabilities. So far Siri has had its moments, but there have also been reports that Apple’s voice assistant feature is not living up to user expectations. Whichever the case, the emergence of Siri has also spawned rumors that Google is looking to prepare something similar of their own dubbed Majel. This particular feature was rumored for a launch in 2011 but given that we’re halfway through 2012, it’s safe to say that Majel did not meet its target date. So when will we see this feature?

According to the Wall Street Journal, their sources have revealed that Google has begun to accelerate the development of Majel, and apparently the reason behind the delay was because Google wanted Majel to be more than Siri. After all it is one thing to offer a similar product, and an entirely different thing to offer a product which is even better. Of course this doesn’t tell us when we will be able to see Majel, but with Google I/O coming up at the end of the month, perhaps we might be able to catch a glimpse then. With Samsung launching a Siri competitor in the form of S Voice, we have to wonder if Google’s Majel (if true) will be able to stand out from the competition.

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