Who says that all vending machines are dumb, spitting out whatever wares it carries in exchange for money? I am quite sure that after reading this bit of news, you would say that vending machines, too, have a sense of fair play and justice. A California teen managed to get his arm jammed in a Coca-Cola vending machine when he tried to steal a soda, with the receiving slot seemingly gaining a life of its own and ensuring the teen ends up in an embarrassing situation, culminating in an hour-long rescue operation along the way.

The teen got spotted by a passerby at approximately 5 a.m., and after calling for help, a respectable response including local fire, police and paramedic personnel turned up – with trolley security too, of course. The teen will most probably face charges of petty theft, and I am quite sure this is most probably the last time he is going to try stealing a can of Coke without paying for it like everyone else.

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