Apple is usually on the opposite end of receiving lawsuits, but here’s another case where it isn’t. According to reports online, the Cupertino company is now under fire from a Chinese company, Zhizhen Network Technology, for copying its Xiaoi bot voice assistant. Zhizhen claims that its patented voice assistant (applied in mid 2004 and granted in 2006) has been blatantly copied by Apple. While Zhizhen didn’t take any action in the past, it was Siri’s description on the Apple site that ticked them off.


No word on what the outcome of this lawsuit will be, but we can imagine Apple paying Zhizhen a hefty fine and the possibility of Siri going under a major redesign so that it isn’t like Xiaoi bot anymore. Check out a video of Xiaoi bot in action above and see how similar it is to Siri.

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