Apple publishes tons of patent requests each and every year in order to prepare for whatever it may encounter in the future of technology, but this one has caught our attention. The patent is described as “Peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays.” It projects images onto the eyes of a user via a display in front of them. Sounds a lot like a possible Google Glasses competitor to me.

The device isn’t exactly like Google Glasses in that it is designed to be a full immersion display which would take up the peripheral and direct vision of the user, thus making that person not able to see with the device on their head. Google’s Glasses were meant to be used while walking around every day, while this looks more like a wearable computer. Another cool feature the patent describes is the ability to project an image to each eye thus eliminating the feeling of motion sickness which can be an effect of many of the head mounted displays on the market currently.

Although it doesn’t mean that Apple is currently working on its own smart glasses, it definitely means that the idea is in their head and that they are preparing for the possibility of such a device in the future. Would you be interested in Apple’s own smart glasses or wearable computer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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