As some of you guys are probably aware by now, it wasn’t too long ago that Chinese company Proview sued Apple over the use of the iPad trademark, claiming that they did not have the rights to it. Long story short, Proview won and managed to arrive at a settlement agreement with Apple. Now here comes the interesting twist – it seems that Proview is currently being sued by none other than their law firm, Grandall Law Firm who claims that Proview are refusing to pay up 4% of their agreed fees which is to be taken from Apple’s settlement. Proview’s founder, Yang Rongshan was reported as saying that Grandall’s behavior is “nonsense” and that immediate payment isn’t considered to be normal operations, but promises that the company won’t “pass the buck”. Either way we’ll see how this one pans out, but what do you guys think? Pretty ironic, isn’t it?

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