While golf might seem like a “relaxing” sort of game, there are subtle nuances to it that will help separate the pros from the newbies. If you’re just getting into the game and you’re looking for a way to help improve your swing technique, mobile sports performance evaluation developers, Mobiplex, has announced the availability of their ProView app, which when paired with their wireless motion sensor, claims to help you improve your golf swing.


The SwingTIP golf swing accessory has the ability to provide analysis on your golf swing through auto-video capture and 3D power and plane analysis, along with training and club head impact metrics. The video captured by the SwingTIP can then be shared with friends or maybe even a golf coach will can then further analyze and provide you with some tips on how to improve. Weighing less than an ounce, the SwingTIP will pair with your mobile device via Bluetooth and will attach to the shaft of your club.

The transmitter will set you back $130 while the ProView app itself is free, albeit kind of useless without the added accessory.

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