While Apple’s AirPlay feature lets users stream music from their devices onto AirPlay compatible speakers, it also means that both your device and the AirPlay speakers need to be hooked onto the same WiFi network. This usually isn’t a big deal when you’re home as chances are you will be using WiFi anyway, but in the event that you need to bring the speakers to a friend’s house, or if your WiFi network goes down for whatever reason, well there’s goes the streaming, right? Unless of course you have someone willing to offer their mobile device as a WiFi hotspot.

Thanks to a new set of rumors from The Telegraph, it looks like Apple could be announcing a new form of AirPlay on the 12th of September which is also when they will be unveiling the new iPhone (or so the rumors say). Tentatively dubbed “AirPlay Direct”, this will allow iOS devices to create its own wireless network, which in turn pairs with AirPlay compatible devices. If this this true, not only will wireless streaming be more mobile, but it could also reduce the need for speaker docks as well. In any case we’ll take this with a grain of salt for now and update you with the details once it has been made official.

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