Let’s face it, some of us enjoy riding our bikes while listening to music. Unfortunately riding a bike while having in-ear earphones or headphones on might not only constitute as being illegal, but it is potentially dangerous as well since it might not let us hear things like people, car horns and could distract us from the dangers on the road. Thanks to designer Yu Haibo, he has come up with a set of speakers that can be attached to the handle bars of bicycles.

While these are certainly not the first set of speakers we’ve seen created for bikes, we do like its clean and simple design. Plus the fact that it can be rotated 360 degrees means that you can either point the speakers at yourself, or you can point it away from you, i.e. sharing music with your group of cycling buddies. Not exactly a very difficult concept and we wouldn’t be surprised if a manufacturer were to adopt its design and put it into production. Cyclists out there, what do you guys think? Any takers?

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