The Nokia Purity Pro wireless stereo headset was first revealed to the masses at IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany, and just what does it have underneath the hood? Well, we are obviously looking at a wire-free connection to your device, where all music is transferred through the magic of Bluetooth connectivity. The headsets themselves boast of one-touch pairing which will play nice with your smartphone thanks to NFC (Near Fields Communication) technology, although you can always rely on standard Bluetooth pairing.

The Monster-driven Nokia Purity Pro wireless stereo headset will come in red, yellow, white and black colors. The colors that they come in, it does beg the question whether it is a pointer towards the color of future Windows Phone 8 offerings from the Finnish smartphone manufacturer. After all, the Nokia Phi is said to arrive in yellow.

Other hardware specifications found in the Nokia Purity Pro wireless stereo headset include Monster’s active noise cancellation technology, where both noise cancellation and Bluetooth connectivity are activated automatically whenever you unfold the headset. When you fold them up after use, those connections will switch off again to conserve battery life.

Expect the Nokia Purity Pro wireless stereo headset to arrive later this year to commemorate the new range of Windows Phone 8 devices, where it will retail for a rather hefty €299 a pop.

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