Just like how oil and water do not mix, so too are alcohol and being pregnant. The thing is, there are some party goers among the ladies who might not know that they are pregnant, which is where the idea for a pregnancy test vending machine being installed in bars comes in handy, helping prevent prenatal exposure to alcohol. It makes sense really, considering how drinking alcohol when one is pregnant is able to do extensive harm to the unborn child.

Healthy Brains for Children, a non-profit group in Minneapolis, Minnesota, intends to avoid such a thing from happening by working on installing up to 100 pregnancy test vending machines in local bars. Assuming this idea takes off, it would mean that the rest of the world will have the option to see this machine at bars down the road.

Pub 500, a bar in Mankato, south of Minneapolis-St. Paul, has one of these machines installed in the privacy of the women’s restroom. Those who want to use the service will need a debit or credit card, where $3 will be charged to the card in exchange for a pregnancy test. Do you think that this idea will take off?

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