All right, the kind of x-ray vision that I am referring to here has absolutely nothing to do with Superman’s ability, but rather, BAE Striker’s smart helmet is said to be able to allow a pilot in a Eurofighter Typhoon jet to see what is behind the hulk of metal that keeps him in the air. Yes sir, there is no steel-grey floor to speak of, rather, one would be able to check out clouds, and perhaps animals grazing in the fields below. This makes it easier for the pilot to be able to spot enemy aircraft near the plane, or perhaps what is going on on the ground, making it easier to finish off the targets by raining fire from above.

Known as the Striker HMSS helmet, this development might soon see other helmet manufacturers galvanized into action to come up with something similar. To put it in context, the Typhoon jet’s sensors will work in tandem with the Striker HMSS helmet in order to deliver x-ray vision-like imagery” for the pilot wearing said helmet. All information will be sent to the visor in real time, and it is definitely far more advanced than what current head-up displays (HUD) are able to deliver.

Do you think at the end, there will be too much data for the human brain to process in terms of feedback from all the technology that a pilot, especially those in the Air Force, will have to handle?

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