When it comes to modern day devices such as smartphones, they do seem to run out of juice more often than we’d like, especially with the amount of features packed into the device. Well, carrying around a smartphone endowed with an extended battery might not be aesthetically pleasing, but at least it gets the job done. How about a portable charger, surely that would work? This is what the Kickstarter project known as the Power Compact Solar Charger is all about, where it has already picked up more than $232,000 worth of pledges compared to the original $50,000 goal with 8 days to spare.

The Power Compact Solar Charger is developed in the Netherlands and manufactured in China, where it has been touted to be “the best solar lamp in the world.” Wakawaka claims that this device is capable of charging a fully depleted smartphone or tablet after just a day’s worth of sunlight collection, even if you happen to live in latitudes as far north as New York. Assuming the stretched $250,000 goal is achieved, manufacturing of the Power Compact Solar Charger will be done in Haiti, at least parts of it, to help Haitians living there.

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