EA’s Battlefield 4 will be released this fall where it’s expected to be released onto the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and possibly next-generation consoles that don’t include the Wii U, which has many long-time fans giddy with excitement. To help further fan these flames, EA released a new 17 minute gameplay video of Battlefield 4 in action, which we knew you would want to see for yourself.

With Battlefield 4, its developer, DICE, is looking to finally deliver a single-player experience that Battlefield fans would actually want to play instead of it being an optional feature to their multiplayer experience. That’s why they’re taking the best of what its multiplayer experience and putting it into the single player campaign.

The 17-minute gameplay trailer gives us a glimpse at just what kind of single-player experience DICE has come up with for Battlefield 4, while at the same time, showcasing its Frostbite 3 engine which looks insanely detailed. We’re just hoping whenever Battlefield 4 is released, that it’s kept in the $60+ price range and doesn’t head up into the $70+ range EA hinted at earlier this year.

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