China is known for its knockoffs, but I’m not talking about fake Rolex wristwatches or Ray Ban shades, I’m talking about fake Apple Stores. Obviously they’re not the real deal, but they come strikingly close to reality. Interesting news coming out of Afghanistan today, the war torn country has an Apple-ish store of its own. Its not nearly as suave as the one’s in China, but it is definitely something.

The small store is located in Kabul’s largest mall and is the only one of its kind in the country. The store may be fake, but the products are real. Mohammad Nasery, the manager of this store, says that he is able to sell a couple of iPhones and Macbooks every day. Prices are a bit higher as he brings in his stock from Dubai, but there’s a constant demand for Apple products in Afghanistan and he’s fulfilling it. He says its “very trendy” to own an iPhone or an iPad in the country, and that he has seen people blowing off their entire month’s salary just to get a bite of the famous Apple. We can’t expect a real Apple Store to open there any time soon, but Nasery’s entrepreneurial skills are definitely commendable.

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