We’re not sure what’s been up with your smartphone users lately, but we’ve been seeing a number of breathalyzers popping up, with one even having the ability to call you a cab if you’re absolutely wasted. A new breathalyzer is being announced that does a little more than call you a cab as it offers a bit more detailed analysis of your condition.

The BACtrack breathalyzer is a device that can tell you just how drunk you are, and if it recommends to perform certain activities such as driving or walking. The way it works is in connection with its accompanying application that allows you to keep a log of how many drinks you’ve had, which then calculates how much alcohol is in your blood. The BACtrack can also provide a detailed analysis so you can see just how well you hold your liquor and can also help you contact your designated driver when you’re too inebriated to operate heavy machinery. The device isn’t available on the cheap as it’ll cost you $150, but if you find yourself drinking a lot, we think that’s a better price to pay than the life of yourself and others around you.

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