Google Reader will unfortunately be shutting down in July, despite the fact that it still maintains a loyal following. When the news broke out, Reader users started looking for alternatives. There were many, and the once mighty Digg threw its hat in the ring as well. The folks at Digg said that they want to rebuild the best Reader features, which includes its API. Digg then unveiled several key points that they will be keeping in mind while developing their own RSS solution, and today they finally revealed that the beta version of this new service will be available in June albeit in beta mode.

Digg also conducted a research in which 8,600 participants took part, 40% of all participants said that they would pay for a Google Reader alternative if it offered the proper functionality. Since Digg also found out through its research that most Reader users weren’t fans of its social features, its own service wouldn’t be launching with mighty social features at first, but it hasn’t ruled them out for the future. Since the beta version goes live in June, we can only hope Digg will launch its new service soon after Reader shuts down on the 1st of July. Impeccably timing the release might provide a boost to new sign ups.

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