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These days there are a lot of rumors floating around about wearable technology. There’s only one confirmed product as of now, which is Google Glass. Apple is said to be looking in to an iWatch, and so is Samsung. Only recently we reported that now Microsoft too is considering wearable technology and it too wants to build a watch. Latest reports indicate that Microsoft’s watch project is being headed by its former Xbox and Kinect teams.

Microsoft’s smartwatch is reportedly in prototype phase right now, it has a 1.5 inch touchscreen display which is attached to removable bands. Previous rumors have indicated that Microsoft was in the market for 1.5 inch touchscreens, one can’t think what the company would do with such small displays, hence the increased speculation about Redmond’s smartwatch. Microsoft is also said to be developing a rival for Google Glass, however according to many rumors, the company’s Glass rival won’t be ready until 2014. Many analysts believe that wearable technology is the next big thing, which is why all of the big tech titans are clamoring to get their products out first.

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