Earlier this week it was revealed through a leaked internal memo that Sprint would be announcing an expansion of its LTE network in to 21 new markets. At the time it was reported that the expansion would take place on 12th April. Today Sprint formally announced the expansion and has confirmed the names of 21 new markets, which include Los Angeles, Charlotte N.C. and Memphis, that will now be covered under its LTE net. Customers in these markets will now be able to experience faster speeds for uploading photos, surfing the web and streaming videos on the network.

Being the third largest carrier in the U.S., Sprint still has a long way to go before its LTE network can rival that of AT&T or Verizon. The latter currently has the largest country wide LTE network and is expected to be done with deployment by the end of this year. With the addition of these new markets, Sprint’s LTE network is now available in 88 markets. They’ve also posted a list of markets where the network will be expanded by the end of this year.

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