Apple has a number of records to its name. The iPhone become one of the most selling smartphones around the world after it was released in 2007. Same goes for the original iPad, which can be credited for giving a huge boost to the previously dormant tablet market. According to analyst Horace Dediu, Apple’s latest record comes courtesy of its beautiful Retail Stores around the world, which have achieved a record revenue of $57.60 per visitor during Q1, 2013.


The analyst claims that average revenue per Apple store now stands at approximately $13 million, which is the highest for a non-holiday quarter. A 7% increase in foot traffic was also noted, with average number of visitors per store being estimated at 250,000 per quarter. Comparing the sales per square foot figures of Apple with other major retailers in the U.S., the Cupertino company smokes everyone, performing twice as well as Tiffany in the same quarter. Apple’s Retail Stores are no doubt meticulously designed and fashioned in a way that makes the visitor’s visit worthwhile. One can only fathom how much of an increase will be noted in these numbers once the holiday season comes around.

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