Google Glass is currently only available to a select few people who are called Explorers. The public release of this fascinating gadget is not expected until 2014. Today, some new apps were released for Google Glass which the Explorers can take full advantage of. These new apps include Facebook, Twitter, Elle, CNN, Tumblr and Evernote. Collectively, Google is calling these apps Glassware. They join the ranks of The New York Times and Path, which were the only two third-party apps previously available for Glass.

Through the Twitter app, users can tweet photos directly from Glass, these photos will automatically be tagged with ‘#throughglass.’ The app is also capable of handling alerts for DMs and mentions. The Facebook app is also good for sharing photos to the timeline, captions can be added to the photos meant for upload by dictation. CNN will give New York Times a run for its money with headlines and video clips, the app also allows users to configure when they want to receive news updates. Evernote is the first note taking app for Google Glass, notes can be added via Evernote’s web client and they can be pulled up on Glass any time the user desires. These apps are certainly just the tip of the iceberg, its definitely good to know that Glass will be released to the public with a decent set of apps.

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