new-mba-rumorsEarlier this morning, we talked about how the MacBook Air supply has fallen short before WWDC 2013 kicks off, and this has led to some analysts predicting that there could very well be a new model of the MacBook Air that is ready to be unveiled at WWDC 2013. After all, history does repeat itself when it comes to technology, and a shortage of supplies of the current MacBook Air stock at major US retailers could very well point to an upcoming revamped model.

In fact, selected models of the 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air have begun to show up as “Not available”, not to mention the same also applies to majority of the other retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy. Could it be that the folks at Best Buy are plain hopeless at managing inventory? I think that MacBook Air fans would want to think otherwise. To put things into perspective, it has been nearly a year since the MacBook Air last received an update, which is relatively long, so a new MacBook Air model in the pipeline is not too far off the mark.

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