nissan-pivoThe Nissan Pivo is currently in its third iteration where a concept car is concerned, and we cannot help but wonder how come the Pivo has yet to make it to the market officially after all this time. Surely, the technology of tomorrow has already arrived? Still, the video where we snagged this earlier generation Nissan Pivo model in action is still a pretty engaging one, especially when you consider how it comes with its very own R2-D2 of sorts – a robotic helper, if you will.

The Nissan Pivo concept would be the ideal ride to get around town, and while it might not offer the kind of luxury that a sedan does, and neither does it look too spacious other than to bring one other person along with you, at least it makes those parallel parking moments less awkward – especially for those who somehow managed to pass their driving test, and yet still find it extremely problematic to ease their ride into a parallel parking space without those poles to guide you in driving school. Definitely not a long distance ride to consider even when it hits the market, if ever, but it would make for the perfect “I’m sorry” present to your girlfriend or wife.

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