torch-helmetCyclists would know that it is imperative for one to wear all the relevant safety gear and equipment before heading out, as you can never quite tell just when a particularly nasty accident is going to happen due to poor visibility. Having said that, we are always advised to wear a helmet with a reflective strip where possible, a brightly colored vest, and of course, have other gizmos fixed to the bicycle like blinking LED lights and the ilk. The Torch helmet that you see here will usher in a new generation of bicycle helmets, as it boasts of integrated lights that are visible from any angle.

This new design on the Torch helmet would ensure the cyclist is able to be seen by all other road users. Specially designed by Nathan Wills, who happens to be a student from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, the helmet is in the running to pick up a gong at the James Dyson Awards. Sporting a classic look to appeal to urban cyclists, the 10 LEDs will work in tandem with two shatterproof polycarbonate lenses on the front and rear, making these lights visible from 360° and above majority of the other objects on the road. A couple of batteries are sealed within the helmet to power it, and these can be recharged over a USB connection.

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