Iron Man 3 was released into theaters just a few months ago, although we’re sure many of you are still talking about the film even to this day. Another Disney-owned property has also been buzzed about for the past couple of months, and that’s the new Star Wars films. So what better way to celebrate both Iron Man and Star Wars than by taking a look at this Iron Man-themed Lightsaber.

This Iron Man Lightsaber was created by The Custom Saber forum member eastern57 which borrows much of its design from Iron Man’s suit. For example, the overall color theme of the lightsaber is red and gold and there’s even an arc reactor located on its hilt, which certainly makes it even more awesome, although we doubt the arc reactor is actually saving the lightsaber from any close-to-death experience.

We realize both Tony Stark and the Star Wars world doesn’t exist, but if both of them did, we can definitely seeing Tony producing something like this considering just how he has the funds and probably the know how to create his own lightsaber.

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