new-nexus-7Here’s a round up of what we think is the 5 most interesting stories for the week, and obviously, the new Nexus 7 takes top spot, followed closely by the Google Chromecast announcement. Moving on from all things Google, how about a mouse that could have false memories implanted? Those who have been hankering after all things Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be pleased as punch to check out our overview on the upcoming device, and since the weekend is upon us, go out and paint the town red by knocking back a few pints with your friends, but do remember that even if you don’t drink and drive, at least you can drink and play!

Nexus 7
All right, the Asus-manufactured Nexus 7 could very well be the iPad killer that the world has been waiting for, and it is not hard to see how the new Nexus 7 will fare badly. Not at all. In terms of hardware specifications, the Nexus 7 is certainly sitting pretty atop the pile, being the highest resolution 7” tablet in the world at 323ppi and a 1,920 x 1,200 pixel resolution, not to mention running on the latest iteration of the Android software at version 4.3. There is even 4G LTE capability in the 32GB model, and with an attractive price point to go along with it, the new Nexus 7 looks set to be a winner.

Google Chromecast
What can we say about this $35 dongle from Google? It will basically change the way you watch YouTube videos in the living room, and would give your Full HD TV a whole lot more playtime instead of having it gather dust. In fact, the more gadgets you have in the room (iOS and Android-powered ones at the moment), the merrier, as the whole bunch of you can queue up YouTube videos and leave the room any time you like with your device in tow without screwing up the playback sequence just because someone is missing. Too bad the free 3 months of Netflix access offer is over already with each Chromecast purchase.

Mice get false memory implants
Mickey Mouse would surely want to avoid such a procedure, as he might actually end up thinking that he is the Dark Lord of the Sith, with his wife Minnie Mouse having given birth to triplets instead of twins (and even then, those triplets do not look like him, but like Donald Duck instead, having named them Huey, Dewey and Louie) before he chokes her to death in a fit of Force-induced rage. Yes sir, scientist have proudly announced that they have successfully implanted false memories into mice.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Round Up
Everything you ever wanted to know about the yet unreleased Samsung Galaxy Note 3 can be found here. Be warned, however, that this could end up as a pretty lengthy read, so I would strongly advise you to have a nice, hot cup of java right next to you before you go through this article. In here, we cover all rumored aspects of the upcoming Galaxy Note 3, ranging from its release date to the kind of processors which could see action underneath the hood, the very real possibility of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean arriving with it right out of the box, 3GB RAM, different display sizes that have been circulated around as rumors, a possible 13-megapixel camera, to a higher chance of having a plastic body compared to metal.

Don’t F*** Up Game
“My dear officer, I am not drunk, it is merely the line that keeps on moving from left to right even though I try to follow it to the best of my ability,” as you slur to the officer who pulled you over. Well, drinking and driving do not mix for sure since you would endanger not only your life, but the innocent lives of others around you. Having said that, if you have had a jolly good time in the comfort of your living room, or had a blast at the local watering hole, there is still one thing you can do legally – to play games. We are not talking about any ordinary game, but rather, the “Don’t F*** Up” game which is most fun when you are inebriated.

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